the gnarly parts of hr sorted.

the gnarly parts of hr sorted.

What Clevergoose does

CleverGoose is a nifty piece of Human Resources technology which takes the very best employee relations advice, packages it up into the palm of your hand and through a series of interactions auto populates HR documents, creates HR workflows and allows users to seek HR advice on employee relations cases 24/7. 

It can highlight potential risks associated with a HR case, talks to you about potential actions you can take and most importantly how you can mitigate any risks. 

Who it's for


HR Folk

You know all those conversations you have where you feel like you say the same thing a lot and all the time taken up in your day making sure HR cases and employee relations matters are dealt with the right way? 

CleverGoose can deploy that HR advice to your people, consistently at any time of day, through our Human Resources tech platform. You could be freed up from some of the more transactional nature of Human Resources work, giving you time to work on the people strategy that will matter the most to your business 


Non-HR Folk

  Even if you have no Human Resources experience, CleverGoose can walk you through your HR case and outline the potential actions and risk with any stage of the case. 

It removes the mystery around employee relations and walks you through the logic behind it's thinking, giving you the knowledge and confidence to make great business decisions and judgements around HR matters. 

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